How To Counsel Individuals: Keys To Give Advice

Counselors In Nashville Give Advice

To know how to advise others in the best possible way in Nashville, you need to do the following:

Listen carefully: Listening is not the same as simply “hearing” the other. The ability to listen requires the will and sometimes effort to do it properly.

It may also be that we are “listening” and, at the same time, thinking about other things, such as what we are going to do today, what happened in the morning, the discussion with the couple, etc.

So the first thing you must begin to implement it is our ability to pay attention.

Empathy and non-judgment: Nashville counselors believes that when we advise another person, we tend to make the mistake of judging what he is saying to us according to our norms and beliefs.

In this case, if we are more independent, do not have a partner, or simply do not feel the same when we are alone, we can begin to judge what he says and downplay it.

Put yourself in their shoes: After having listened carefully to that person, investigating their internal and interesting world for them without making value judgments, you will be able to put yourself in their place more easily.

Still, you have to make an effort to imagine that you are in their shoes and dare to see life the way that person sees it.

Help him find his solutions: All of us have our inner wisdom, and we know deep down what we want.

However, we are so conditioned that we get confused and often do not know which way to choose.

Make sure you do NOT speak more than him (her): The best Nashville counselors with those who tend to listen rather than speak.

When a person is dedicated to speaking and even interrupting the other when he speaks, it is evident that he does not know how to listen properly. Therefore he will not be able to empathize or put himself in the shoes of the other.

Take care of your non-verbal language: Make sure that your body movements and gestures do not send an inappropriate message when the other person is speaking.

For example, it may be that you are trying to listen to that person, but you are constantly yawning, so the other will interpret that you are bored.

If you want to learn to advise properly, you have to give that space to the other person offering that time and all your attention.

You can demonstrate this by avoiding yawning, looking into his eyes, avoiding other distractions when speaking, etc.…